Saturday, 14 July 2012

Stylised drawing of the awakened mind by Anna Wise

Before I continue with Max's manuscripts, I would like to share with you some research that I came across from Dr Richard Soutar's website. Dr Soutar, also a pioneer of neurofeedback, is making comparisons with the Awakened Mind pattern (as seen by Max  Cade) and brainmaps (qEEG) of meditators.

Loreta image showing distribution of 9hz EEG.

Above is an image from the Soutar's website showing their EEG analysis - called LORETA - 
this image is from an experienced meditator of 10 years doing a concentrative meditation, similar to Theravaden, Zen and Ashtanga techniques. 

The LORETA image, shows the distribution of 9hz (alpha) as being dominant, the drawing in the title by Anna Wise (stylised pattern on what we see on the mindmirror eeg) shows 9hz at the middle peak.

The Soutars' have also shown in their qEEG analysis that symmetry (the balance of both hemispheres) are balanced in the meditator, this agrees with the awakened mind pattern.



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