Friday, 28 December 2012

On the Impeccable Teacher by Elizabeth StJohn

On the Impeccable  Teacher
So you have found your Divine One -your Impeccable Guru!

Here is a check- list for you . Memorize it now.

Sooner or later, after you have dedicated body and soul (and possibly your income) to your wonderful Teacher, you may begin to notice some little human frailties

Such as:

Does your Divine He/She lap up praise like a cat laps up cream?

Does your Divine She/He give you stupid or impossible orders
to TEST your devotion?
Like that special food that takes 24 hours to prepare or send you to find  and bring back this favorite tiger that hangs out in the nearby jungle.

Does the Divine One love sparkly jewels and (very) expensive cars and (very) occasionally  give you or your loved ones  a (very) little ride in one of His/Her  second - best cars?

Does your Beloved Teacher give little prezzies to beautiful small boys or vulnerable young women, always , of course, during Satsang or Darshan where everyone can see its delightful innocence?

Does the Divine One shyly proclaim Omnipresence? That He/She now resides in that special little Chakra at the tip of your heart observing all?

Does that mean She/He  is with you in the loo?
Or is PRESENT when you are indulging in luxuriant or pathetic sex?
Or knows when you have been particularly good in doing your Mantra or helping out in the kitchen?

When you have added your own favourite frailties to the list you can either leave the Beloved Presence for ever feeling totally betrayed and let down by false Teachings

Or start searching for the True Guru who must be out there SOMEWHERE

Or consider the Teachings you have received: were there any benefits?

Perhaps you have learned discrimination.

Perhaps you have learned about choice and the freedom to  CHOOSE

   Obey or not.   Stay or leave

Perhaps you have learned something about the nature of human frailty  --  You.  Me      The Holy Sage......

We are none of us Impeccable and all the better for that
How else can we learn to become Our Selves?


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